1.2 InfiKIOSK App

Log in & Order number

  • Find the InfiKisok App in main interface and click to enter

  • Enter username and password

  • After customer has configured the desired item, customers are required to enter their name and phone number to facilitate calling and sending receipts (Notice: must enter the full 10 digits of a valid phone)

*Number plate: Businesses contact INFINET to turn it on or off

Payment Interface

  • Swipe your card on the right

  • Abnormal fluctuations in the network during payment may cause payment failure. A popup box will appear in InfiKIOSK and let the customer choose whether to retry or not. If the retry fails, please check the network connection

  • Success

  • Failure

  • If the payment fails, the reason shown is that the USB is not connected. InfiKIOSK will print the receipt and show that the payment status is unpaid, please check the USB connection to solve this problem

Kiosk Mode

  • What's Kiosk Mode: Navigation Bar & Status Bar would be hided and disabled

  • How to exit: Long press on POWER button, then click EXIT KIOSK and input password

  • Password: 1234