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Online Ordering

INFI provides simple, powerful solutions to drive your web and mobile sales

Benefits of INFI Custom Mobile Apps

INFI helps you deliver strong customer relationships and lower operating costs

Reduced Fees.png
Reduced Fees

Avoid 10-20% third party marketplace fees

Stronger Relationships.png
Stronger Relationships

Own the connection with your customers

Better Branding.png
Better Branding

Tell your story with beautiful sites

Improved Search.png
Improved Search

Increase your search rankings

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Our Approach

INFI works closely with you throughout the entire development journey



  • Understand the specific needs of your business

  • Develop a detailed plan and timeline



  • Use cutting-edge technology

  • Integrate simply with your existing POS systems



  • Create a customized, beautiful experience

  • Tell your brand story with great visuals and engaging copy



  • Provide 1-year warranty and free software repairs

  • Enhance with 24/7 technical support

Marketing Solutions

INFI provides additional services to help you grow your customer loyalty and marketing effectiveness

Loyalty Program.png
Loyalty Program

INFI integrates with your existing loyalty program

Don’t have a loyalty program?

INFI can easily build one for you


Want to improve your marketing?

INFI provides expertise in SEO and other forms of digital marketing

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