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Self Ordering Kiosks that Scale Operations

Our Kiosks create a great experience to streamline your QSR location, food truck, car wash, or concession operation.

Benefits of our
Self Ordering Kiosks


Happy Customers

Improvement in customer


More Customers

Increase in peak-hour capacity


Fast Service

Reduction in total order time


Less Labor

Kiosks can take the role of 1.5 cashiers


INFI Portal - Key Features

The powerful and simple INFI portal let’s you seamlessly manage your self-ordering kiosks


Menu Management

Quickly and easily adjust

menu items and prices


Enhanced Selling

Feature new items,

encourage add-ons


Customer Loyalty

Capture consumer data and

reward your best customers


Sales Insights

Assess how your business is

performing, gain insights into

your menu

INFI Self-Ordering Kiosks

INFI offers different self-ordering kiosks; find the one that’s best for your business


POS Integration.

INFI seamlessly integrates with your existing POS system

  • What is INFI Kiosk?
    INFIKiosk is an all-in-one self-ordering kiosk that allows your customers to place their own orders by choosing menu items from the touchscreen display. Once the order is finished, they can then pay directly on the kiosk through the attached payment console. The kiosk also has imbedded receipt printers, customers can also choose to get their receipt through text message.
  • Do INFI self-ordering kiosk come with software?
    Our self-ordering kiosks come with preinstalled software, with your menu and POS integration (if applicable) being preset.
  • Which POS do INFI self-ordering kiosk integrate with?
    Our self-ordering kiosks integrate with Square, Clover, Toast, Revel, and 30 other POS systems. For more information, please reach out to one of our specialists.
  • Can INFI self-ordering kiosks function without POS Integration?
    Yes, we will provide an INFI V2 Pro Handheld Controller for you to connect with our kiosk. It allows you to keep track of the orders back in the kitchen. It will allow you to experience the benefits of the kiosk even without POS integration.
  • What is the INFI V2 Pro Handheld Controller?
    The INFI V2 Pro Handheld Controller allows the merchant to see and manipulate all orders processed by INFIKiosk. It also has ticket printing capability. The Controllers are given to merchants as companion devices to help improve user experience when the kiosk is used as a separate system from the merchant's POS.
  • What types of payment can the INFI self-ordering kiosk accept on device?
    INFIKiosk accept credit/debit cards and contactless payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)
  • Does INFI self-ordering kiosk take cash?
    No, INFIKiosk cannot process cash on device. However, we have cash options so that customers who opt to pay in cash can receive a ticket at the end of their order and pay at the counter.
  • What is the warranty policy on my self-ordering kiosk?
    Every kiosk comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, which covers for hardware defects. For more coverage details, please schedule a call with our specialist.
  • How will my menu be set up on the kiosk?
    Once you sign up with INFI, we will request a copy of your menu (digital or physical) along with image assets from you, and create the kiosk menu for you. You can also create the menu yourself by uploading the menu to INFIConsole, our online portal, where you can create and customize the menu yourself.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks to ship and deliver, with 4 weeks being the longest wait in most circumstances. Note: Currently, due to a global supply shortage, the delivery time might vary based on supply and demand.
  • What is the cost of customer care?
    INFI provides live support service to all customers as standard, which includes but not limited to: menu setup, remote installation assistance, live troubleshooting.
  • Do I need to pay extra for front-end receipt printer and payment console?
    Both the receipt printer and payment console are included with the kiosk, you do not need to pay extra.
  • How much does an INFIKiosk cost?
    The pricing structure can vary depending on your package and subscriptions. For more pricing information, please reach out to our sales specialist for more details.
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