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INFI’s flexible and stylish kiosks create a great experience for your customers and grow your business

Benefits of an INFI Self-Ordering Kiosk

INFI self-ordering kiosks are loved by customers and owners

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Happy Customers
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More Customers.png
More Customers
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Faster Service
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Less Labor
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INFI Self-Ordering Kiosks

INFI offers three different self-ordering kiosks; find the one that’s best for your business

Check Model

POS Integration

INFI seamlessly integrates with your existing POS system

Handheld Controller

Not on one of these POS platforms?

No worries!

The INFI V2 Pro Handheld Controller allows you to use all the self-ordering kiosk features.

* Only V2 Pro Label Version support label printing. Purchase label paper


INFI Portal - Key Features

The powerful and simple INFI portal let’s you seamlessly manage your self-ordering kiosks

Menu Management .png
Menu Management

Quickly and easily adjust menu items and prices

Enhanced Selling .png
Enhanced Selling

Feature new items, encourage add-ons

Customer Loyalty.png
Customer Loyalty

Capture consumer data and reward your best customers

Sales Insights.png
Sales Insights

Assess how your business is performing, gain insights into your menu

Our Services

INFI partners closely with you to provide a great experience setting up and using our self-ordering kiosks

Training and Installation.png
Training and Installation
  • Easy setup - remotely or with INFI on site

  • Simple menu management

  • Hands on employee training

Customer Support.png
Customer Support
  • Free initial menu setup

  • Daily support as needed

  • Ongoing system monitoring

  • One year warranty

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