Checklist for Starting Your Restaurant

Updated: Jan 13

Thinking of starting a restaurant? While an exciting idea, don’t forget to have all your ducks in a row. Infi’s team is composed of experienced restaurateurs, and here’s their checklist of what you need to do to start your restaurant.

Collect capital

It shouldn’t be a secret that restaurants need to be well funded from the get-go. Bank loans, grants, and government programs are good sources to start with. You may need to even tap friends and family to invest - unless you have a group of investors ready to cover your initial costs.

Infi’s CRO Jason Li says his general rule is to always have enough funds to cover expenses for your first three months, as revenue is typically tough to come by at the outset of your entrepreneurial journey.

Recruit staff

Your restaurant’s staff can make or break your survival. They are your frontlines in interacting with customers and are just as influential as your food’s quality in bringing in repeat customers.

Finding reliable, trustworthy staff is hard to do, but above all make sure they are dependable. Everything else you can train them on.

Secure permits and licenses

Getting started on getting the necessary permits and licenses as soon as possible will only save you headaches. You’re likely to deal with lots of bureaucracy, therefore you will want start the process for securing your permits once able and not a moment later.

Get a strong restaurant tech stack

Make sure your restaurant’s technology is what you need, and not out of date. Think about your point of sale system, BOH devices and connectivity, internet connection, contactless payments, etc.

Most of all, make sure they are reliable. There’s nothing worse than having something give out on you in the middle of a busy shift.