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About INFI

Tools for Restaurants, Built by Former Industry Veterans We help busy fast-casual restaurants and franchises via our blend of technology and marketing expertise.

“Our mission is to supply technology for small businesses around the country that make their establishments more agile, modern, and unique. Through our kiosks we help business owners focus on quality, differentiate from their competition, reduce costs, and get their customers what they want faster.”

Lucas Liu

Founder & CEO

Tools and Services Built with The Busy Entrepreneur in Mind
Capitalizing on our experience in food service technology, we built our tools and services with the small business owner in mind. We are a team that aims to support entrepreneurs by making their businesses more profitable, agile, modern, and focused.
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August 2019

InfiKIOSK beta version

August 2019

InfiKIOSK beta version

September 2019

InfiKIOSK K1 1.0.0

April 2019

InfiKIOSK in Boston, Massachusetts 

May 2020

InfiKIOSK in Cincinnati, Ohio & Indianapolis, Indiana

June 2020

InfiKIOSK in Champaign, Illinois

July 2020

InfiKIOSK + Square version 2.0.0

August 2020

InfiKIOSK in Saint Louis, Missouri

October 2020

InfiKIOSK T2 version 1.0.0

December 2020

InfiKIOSK in Tampa, Florida

December 2020

InfiKIOSK + InfiAPP project

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