Top Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosks: 6 Reasons To Invest

For the modern restaurant, the front-end ordering experience is the most important point of customer satisfaction. If customers feel their ordering goes smoothly, they are more likely to return. Many restaurants are embracing the ordering kiosk to help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales figures.

Fast food kiosks are quickly spreading within the industry. In 2018, McDonald's was adding them to 1,000 stores every quarter, and now they are on their way to having them in every location across the country. Taco Bell is also jumping on board, and in 2021 they released their first digital-only restaurant that had no order-taking staff. Panera, Wendy's, Subway, and many other large fast-food chain restaurants are following pursuit, adding kiosks to drive-thrus and restaurant dining rooms to help customers place their own orders.

If you are considering investing in a self-ordering kiosk system for your restaurant, here are six benefits you could enjoy once they are in place.

6 Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosks

1. Boosts Your Profitability

When investing in new technology, you want to know, confidently, that it will help your business make more money. Statistics show that touchscreen kiosks and mobile ordering apps boost profitability in several ways.

First, with self-ordering processes in place, your restaurant can hire fewer people and increase your overall staffing flexibility. You won't need as many staff members to man the front counter to take orders, and having fewer people in the building can lower your overhead. The minimum wage in several states is $7.25 per hour, and is much higher in many states. Thus, eliminating a full-time position can reduce costs by as much as $15,000 a year.

Second, self-ordering kiosks may draw more people to your restaurant. One of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is an increased desire for contactless payment options, and a self-service kiosk offers that. QSR Magazine indicates 60% of customers would visit a limited-service restaurant with a self-service kiosk more often if self-ordering were available to them. Also, self-ordering kiosks can limit long lines, which 75% of customers say will cause them to leave a restaurant.

Overall, having a fast-food kiosk boosts a restaurant's income by increasing the number of customers that come through the door and reducing labor costs.

2. Increases Average Order Value

Fast-food restaurants need to upsell side dishes and larger-sized drinks to make each order more profitable. Many rely on their point of sale staff members to ask upselling questions, like "do you want to make that a large?" POS technology tied to self-service kiosks adds automation to that. The kiosk system does not rely on a person to remember to ask about the additional sale, but rather automatically recommends a larger size or an add-on item.