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Hello Jasmine - Improving their tech stack and growth with InfiKIOSK

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

One of the main drivers of successful growth is the ability to grow at scale. Sustainable, scable growth is never easy, that’s why you need tools that facilitate your ability to grow. This is true for any kind of business, whether you sell software or food.

Hello Jasmine realized this, and was looking for resources that would help them launch a second location in Chicago. That’s why they prioritized enhancing their tech stack at their primary Chinatown location, before opening their second location in the area surrounding DePaul University, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Staffing flexibility

When launching an additional location, staffing is a top priority. To ensure success, as an owner you want to ensure that the customer experience maintains its quality at the new location, and staffing is a fundamental part of that.

However, with a self ordering kiosk such as the InfiKIOSK, restaurant owners are afforded extra flexibility with hiring. This was a motivating factor for Hello Jasmine when they installed another InfiKIOSK, they had already hired a cashier essentially.

Consistent employee workflow

There’s a reason why big restaurant groups have corporate trainers. A part of ensuring a consistent experience is having a consistent workflow across locations. That way, when/if employees work at multiple locations, there’s no learning curve for them with a new team.

Hello Jasmine has at least one InfiKIOSK at each of their Chicago locations.

With the seamless FOH/BOH connectivity that an InfiKIOSK provides, veteran employees can easily train their new colleagues, and staff can cover each location as needed. This is not true for all self-ordering kiosk point-of-sale systems.

Thus, quality of product and service across the Hello Jasmine locations is all but guaranteed.

Maintain customer experience

Since Hello Jasmine already had been using an InfiKIOSK at their Chinatown location, they already knew how to present it to their new clientele that would be at their new location.

Not only that, returning customers who visited their new Lincoln Park location immediately took to the kiosk, which naturally encouraged other customers to do the same. As a result, within one month the maximum number of orders per hour made on the InfiKIOSK increased more than 13%!

Self service kiosks such as the InfiKIOSK offer restaurant owners many advantages. As seen with Hello Jasmine in Chicago, the InfiKIOSK consistency in multiple facets of the business.

Equally important is the fact that customers find it easier and faster to use an InfiKIOSK in the order process. Just as Hello Jasmine saw, the amount of orders customers made via the InfiKIOSK only increased over time, which led to increased business.

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