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Infi Expands to Boston & Indianapolis

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

At INFINET, we love to applaud the hard work our team puts in day in and day out, and applaud when it leads to expansion into new markets.

After developing our restaurant partner base here in our hometown of Chicago, we are excited to highlight two strong partnerships in Boston and Indianapolis. Entrenching ourselves deeper into the hospitality community here in the Midwest with Meet Noodles at 6368 E State St in Indy, while also making connections out on the East Coast with Tsaocaa at 10 A Tyler St in Boston’s Chinatown.

While both will be using the InfiKIOSK - INFINET’s self-service kiosk powered by Square - Tsaocaa Boston will be utilizing INFINET’s online ordering services. INFI has built a webpage that allows Tsaocaa’s customers to order ahead online, or on mobile.

Tsaocaa is a perfect example of a restaurant maximizing the value INFINET brings to the table. By implementing INFINET point of sale technology and online ordering, restaurants are able to easily achieve peak efficiency while offering their customers a state-of-the-art dining experience.

Like INFI, Tsaocaa has a unique, quality-based approach to their craft. While Infi aims to provide restaurants with new technologies that enhance the restaurant experience, Tsaocaa prioritizes quality when crafting their artisan bubble teas. Namely, every drink is brewed fresh to order using an espresso machine, a process you won’t find in any other boba tea shop in America.

Based in Indianapolis, Meet Noodles is bringing quality Asian soups to the city. Known for La-Mian and Ramen, they are located close to the junction of I-465 and I-69 off 82nd Street in Indianapolis. Check them out for a healthy and satisfying ramen fix!

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