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Seoul Taco - Using Tech to Offer a Modern Restaurant Experience

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

To succeed in the restaurant world, you need to be able to consistently capitalize on modern trends. Not only do you need to offer a menu that caters to the tastes of the moment, but also offer your customers a seamless, clean experience.

David Choi and Seoul Taco have proven time and again they are able to capitalize on modern trends as evidenced by Seoul Taco’s steady growth over the years. From starting with a single food truck in St. Louis, MO to having 7 brick-and-mortar locations in St. Louis and Chicago, while still holding onto their trusty truck.

Taking Korean and Mexican cuisines, two worlds with deep gastronomic traditions, Choi has created a modern taste with his restaurant. His plates are a fusion of the two, and his restaurant’s space is a reflection of a modern, 21st-century taste.

However, when you create a new modern taste, you better make sure that the rest of your operation is moving at a speed that can satisfy the modern consumer.

Support improved performance

Enter Infi. David was looking to aid the performance of his fast-casual restaurants with a technology solution that was non-invasive and fit his modern brand.

Seoul Taco’s customers easily took to the kiosks, easily navigating the ordering system as easily as they do their smartphones. His customer’s easy and quick adoption of the kiosks proved especially helpful in 2020 as COVID-19 shook up the entire restaurant industry. David was thus able to offer his customers a contactless ordering system that kept both customers and his employees safe.

Incorporating technology into the customer experience

InfiKIOSKs can be found at multiple Seoul Taco locations.

Apart from installing self-ordering kiosk point of sale systems at Seoul Taco, Infi also built Seoul Taco’s website and online ordering system - both built on the Square platform, like the InfiKIOSK. Further supporting the restaurant’s advancement as a standard-bearer for foodservice establishments looking to modernize and embrace technology.

As technology infiltrates our daily lives more and more, we expect to be able to use the most modern forms of tech to enhance our experience. David Choi is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who understands this, having innovated his cuisine and restaurant to offer the most modern experience to his patrons.

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