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Things to Know Before Purchase

1. Purchase


Self-Ordering Kiosk Purchase process?

1. Request a quote

2. Select the price plan

4. Receive the product

5. Plug and ready to go!


Is there any extra charge for system updates?

No, we never charge for a system update. However, some of the additional features may have costs.


Is there any extra charge for the Wi-Fi connection?

No, there will not be any extra charge for the Wi-Fi connection.


Is there any cost for shipping or installation?

Shipping and the installation are charged separately. We only provide on-site installation within 50 miles from the Chicago area, and the cost will be around $200, depending on your location.


How can I purchase?

Please contact us, and our representative will help you with it.


Installation and shipping


How long do I wait until the machine arrives?

You will receive your InfiKIOSK in 11-14 days after signing the contract. (3-5 business days for setting up and upload menus, 1-3 business days for acceptance tests, 5 business days for shipping).  


On-site installation (only for customers within 50 miles from Chicago) : our staff will come to your store and install the InfiKIOSK. You will receive your InfiKIOSK in 6-9 business days (3-5 business days for setting up and upload menus, 1-3 business days for acceptance tests, 2 business days for scheduling the in-store installation) .


How should I install if not in Chicago? How long will it take?

We will ship the hardware to you. It will take 10-30 minutes for installation. The completed installation manual will be shipped to you as well, but you are still welcome to call us for any installation questions.


3. Menu, sales and refund


How can I edit my menu?

We offer one free menu setup and upload service, so please give all the specific needs and menu information to our customer service team. We also offer free edits or changes on menus for no more than 10 places after the initial setup. Customers can find complete instructions about how to edit menus online.


How do I view sales history? (Square/non Square users)

We will send daily and monthly sales history to you.  

For non-Square users, please log in to our console to view your sales history.

Square users can view the sales history in both the INFI console and Square console. 


How do you transfer my sales to me, how long will it take?

The sales amount will automatically transfer to the bank account you provided every two days, and it will take 2 business days for the money to be delivered.

For square users, the sales amount will directly transfer to your square account. 


How do I process a refund? How long will it take? How do I notify my customer?

Please send us the refund request, and we will help you complete it. The refund will be complete as soon as you notify us. It will take 2 days for the money to be returned to the customer’s bank account. Your customer will then get a notification for the refund.  

If you are a Square user, you can refund customers via your Square dashboard, and the whole process stays the same.


4. InfiKIOSK


Does the card reader come with the machine?

Yes, the card reader is on the side of the InfiKIOSK. (Please note that only the INFI k1 accepts tap-to-pay payment)


How to connect to pagers?

We do connect with pagers. We will help you to set it up if you need it.


Does the Kiosk connect to LAN or Wi-Fi?

Both INFI K1 and INFI T2 connect with both LAN and Wi-Fi.


Can I change “order & pay here”?

You can add your own welcome page but can’t change the “order & pay here” page as the default page.


Do you have pictures of the modifier?

Pictures for the modifier will come soon in May 2021.


Why do I need V2? (Square/non-Square users)

Square users won’t need a V2 device unless you want to print labels.


Non-Square users will need a V2 device to connect your devices (printer, INFI K1, etc.) . 


Do you have floor standing models?

Yes, INFI K1 has three models: desktop, floor standing, and wall-mounted. INFI T2 is desktop only.


Does INFI T2 have the mobile payment?

We are sorry, T2 doesn’t have mobile payment yet.


Will INFI T2 be upgraded as an INFI K1 card reader?

It might upgrade in the future version.


Can I use the INFI T2 in my food truck?

Yes. You can use the INFI T2 kiosk solution in the food truck with the Wi-Fi and electricity provided.


What is INFI V2 for?

INFI V2 is for connecting your devices. It is also for Square users as a label printing solution. Please see


Does the INFI V2 come with the kiosk, or do I need to pay extra?

You won’t need to pay extra as a component of the Kiosk. However, the Square label printing solution will cost $300. Please see


How do I text the customers when the food is ready? Do I need to pay for texting?

You can click the notification to your customers by using INFI V2. There is no extra cost for texting.


5. Square user benefits


Will I be able to see transaction details or refund orders through my Square account?

Yes, you can view it and refund any orders in your Square Dashboard.


Can I use Square gift cards on Kiosks?

We are sorry that the Square gift cards are not accepted by the INFI K1 right now. We are working on it and will have it ready soon.


6. Customer services


Service Time?

Our service time is 9 am-6 pm CT.


How should I fix the machine if the kiosk is not working?

All hardware has a 1-year warranty. We offer remote hardware and system support. We are able to remotely help you solve all the issues you might have with the products.

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