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The Tools you need to
scale your business.


Why INFI ?

Maximize Your Business

Success With INFI.

Boost Customer Loyalty and Marketing

Enhance how you keep and attract customers.

Smarter Decision-Making with Organized Data

Visualize and use your data effectively to make better business choices.

Grow Sales with Upselling

Increase your average sales by offering combos and additional items.

Features include cross-selling, creating combos, and automatic discounts.

Stay Informed on Trends

Get immediate updates on what's selling and trending.

INFI vs Competitor

Gaps we’re filling that

competitors miss.

The kiosk and management software we’re building is better than not only competitors but the traditional POS. We’re changing the industry from a cashier based operations model to a self-checkout service model. 

Customer Data

MORE customer data more efficiently: our software is designed to collect more phone numbers, more emails, and more names.

Traditional POS can collect customer data as well but we can collect.

UNIQUE data from every interaction on the screen such as customer ordering preferences and menu view rates.

Human Support 

Very few other kiosk company has multiple domestic support teams to help not only getting set up, but strategically maximizing the usage & uptime


Customer Success Team

24/7 Technical Troubleshooters

Are you ready to transform your business

into a powerhouse of efficiency and customer satisfaction?

INFI’s order management system is not just a point of sale tool;

it's a restaurant growth engine designed to propel your business.

Customer Data

Uncover the Power of Insights

With our restaurant management software, you gain 100% transaction visibility, allowing you to see exactly what your customers are ordering. Plus, you can issue refunds on the spot, ensuring customer satisfaction is never compromised.

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Reporting Solutions

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Make data-driven decisions and stay one step ahead of your competitors by collecting and leveraging valuable insights. Dive deep into ordering trends and gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers preferences:

Track the busiest periods during weekdays-weekends, most popular main dishes, sides, drinks and frequently chosen combos.

Reporting solutons

Backend Menu Dashboard

Elevate Your Menu Management

Managing your menu has never been easier. Our dashboard solution offers a dynamic menu and offer backend that handles limited-time-only items, tracks supply inventory, and automatically removes items from the menu when you run out.

It even pushes high-margin, quick-to-make items during your busiest periods, ensuring you maximize profitability.

Backend Menu

Customer Experience Automation

Boost Efficiency and Sales

Our QSR software system takes automation to the next level. Cross-selling becomes effortless as you can set certain items as "best sellers" and create irresistisble combos that go well together. Suggested upselling prompts, such as "Would you also like...?" maximize order value and customer satisfaction.


Loyalty Programs

Build Customer Loyalty

Capture valuable customer information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and names, to build and manage loyalty programs. Reward your customers with points and incentives that keep them coming back for more.



Tailored to Your Needs

Your restaurant's unique identity matters. That's why our technology offers customization options. Set a custom standby screen to greet every order, refine the user interface to match your brand's style, and rest easy knowing our design team is available to create stunning websites. You can even white-label mobile apps for a seamless customer experience.


Partners & Integrations


Chowly - Integration Square - POS / Payments

POS Clover Network - POS / Payments



Stripe - Payments Revel Systems

Lightspeed Commerce -

POS / Payments Toast Inc. - POS / Payments

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