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5 Advantages of Having a Square POS System in Your Restaurant

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Oftentimes the first step to starting a business is the simplest, yet also the most important. In the business, the most important step is getting paid, therefore as business owners, we must figure out how we are going to accept money.

A simple concept sure, however when choosing a Point of Sale system, the choices are many and confusing. POS company Square however, has been able to create simple solutions that have multiple compatibilities, and that carry fewer costs. Many restaurant owners a turning to POS systems that are powered by Square, such as the InfiKIOSK. Here are 5 reasons why.

Next-Day Deposits

Whether your business is just starting out or has been a mainstay for years, cash flow is always a concern. Traditionally the funds from card transactions would take 3 days or more to be deposited into your checking account.

However Square addressed that concern and deposits funds from non-cash transactions into your business checking account the next day. By maintaining a steady flow of funds, we are able to better stock our ingredients, pay our staff, and immediately address important issues that arise unexpectedly - which will surely happen.


COVID 19 prompted consumers everywhere to turn to delivery and takeout options when looking to eat out. Previously we have talked about the importance of having a robust online presence for your restaurant, however Square allows you to take your website a step further.

Seoul Taco in Chicago and St. Louis uses Square to power their online ordering. (

For restaurant owners, streamlining online ordering can be cumbersome. However Square offers solutions that easily allow you to integrate online ordering capabilities into your existing infrastructure. Imagine automating your process so that online orders are automatically counted along with in-person transactions by your POS system, that is completely possible with Square.

That means that with a self-service kiosk powered by Square, you can not only enjoy the in-house efficiencies that a POS system like InfiKIOSK creates, but also when your customers connect at a distance. INFINET also helps their partners blend the benefits of an InfiKIOSK Square self-service kiosk with online ordering via mobile apps for restaurants.

Payment Protection

Disputes unfortunately are a fact of life for the hospitality industry. A customer calls you or maybe tells their bank that they were billed incorrectly, or maybe someone hacked them and made fraudulent transactions. Either way, it’s a headache that you don’t want to deal with when you have a restaurant to run.

Square protects you from such payments and deals with banks directly, so you can focus on delivering a quality experience to your customers. Their software encrypts customer payments and securely stores them on their servers, adhering to Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards. Not only that, they proactively monitor for potential fraud so you don’t have to.

3rd Party App Integration

Following up on Square’s eCommerce capabilities, business owners also can choose from a litany of third-party apps to facilitate business. From Quickbooks to Postmates, you can load other apps onto a Square POS system to help you balance books, or receive online delivery orders. Streamlining operations and expanding business at the same time.

Third-party apps can enhance the customer experience, when paired with a self-service checkout experience, Square's capabilities create a streamlined experience for your customers that allows them to insert your restaurant into their everyday lives even more. With a Square self-service kiosk, they can have a more personal experience.

Customer Relations

Information is everywhere in the 21st century, making information king. Knowing who your customers are is a powerful tool to maintain and increase business in a hyper competitive industry such as hospitality.

Being able to promote your restaurants activities such as new menu items, events, and promotions are key to the success of your marketing strategies. But how can we reach our customers when they’re not in the store?

Thanks to Square, with every purchase a customer makes, their contact information is stored into a customer directory. There you can add more contact info or notes such as birthdays for your customers. Leverage this information to promote your restaurant, and more importantly create a personal experience via deeper connections with your clientele.


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