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INFI Restaurant Mobile App Development

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ACM MobiCom 2018 Best Mobile App Award team, brings specific IT services.

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Why Do I Need A Mobile App for my Restaurant?

Improved Customer Experiences.png

Improved Customer Experiences

Providing your business with shorter lines, faster service, and more efficient in-store operations.

Higher Customer Spending.png

Higher Customer Spending

In-app loyalty program enable your customers to spend on average 22% more.

More Customer Engagement.png

More Customer Engagement

Allowing you to directly engage with your customer to further improve experiences.

In-App Loyalty Program.png

In-App Loyalty Program

Enable integration with INFI Loyalty Program, achieving higher adoption and sales.

Unified Menu with InfiKiosks

Menu syncing with your menu InfiKiosk automatically, allowing for easy management.

Unified Menu with InfiKiosks.png
Clean & Eye-catching Design.png

Clean & Eye-catching Design

Designed to be clean and modern, providing your customers with the best user experience.

Our Four-Step Process



Our specialists will fully identify and understand your requirements, laying out a detailed timeline towards completion.



A sample demo including all the features will be provided. Our process is highly collaborative, keeping you up-to-date and involved in every stage of the process. This way, you can be sure your brand is properly represented.



With the most cutting-edge technology, our design can be perfectly integrated with all kinds of additional tools and services.


Customer Service

We will never lead you along. Our 1-year warranty begins the day your mobile app is launched. Free software repairs and 24/7 on-call tech support is our guarantee to you.

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Have Your Mobile App Ready for Your Customers

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