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Using Your Kiosk

General Settings

The kiosk is a meaningful presence in your space, and you have a lot of control over how that is reflected to customers and their interactions with the kiosk.

  • Image Sliders

    • When the kiosk is not in use, it can cycle through up to 4 images or videos. The width:height ratio for images should be 9:16, and under 1MB in size.

    • Videos should have a maximum length of 60 seconds, with a resolution of 1920x1080, and under 35MB in size. It’s also recommended to have a video bit rate between 1000-4000 kbps and an audio bit rate of 320 kbps. 

    • Once you upload or modify these sliders, you will need to restart your kiosk in order for them to take effect. 

  • Enable Help Button, which allows a customer to request assistance from a staff member using a flashing light on the kiosk itself. 

  • Allow Cash Payment, which will permit the customer to pay at the counter with a staff member. Receipts will be marked ‘UNPAID’ in this scenario.

  • Paper Receipt Additional Text allows you to customize the text printed on the receipt. This can be a personalized message that thanks them for their business. You could also consider using this space to provide a special promo code that encourages a return visit. 

General Settings

Menu Settings

Menu Settings
  • Secondary Language Menu. Your kiosk can support a secondary language , so that you have the ability to edit the secondary language details of all items, including name, modifiers, options and categories. You can select from Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Korean, German, Japanese, and Italian.

  • Best Seller Tag. When this option is enabled, the kiosk will automatically identify the best selling item in each category and label it with the Best Seller tag on the kiosk. If the option is disabled, you can manually assign the Best Seller tag to items of your choosing when editing an Item on the Menu level using the Tag option. 

  • Allow Item Search. Allows customers to search all items by name. 

  • Show All Modifiers. When this option is enabled, all available modifiers be displayed when a customer is viewing an item. When it is disabled, the kiosk will display up to 6 modifiers per item, with the customer having the ability to expand any remaining modifiers by selecting ‘View All’. 

  • Modifiers Default Selection. When this option is enabled, you can ensure that modifiers are selected by default. This is based on each modifier set’s required quantity – for example, if you have an item for a 2-topping pizza, where toppings are available as modifiers and you set a minimum quantity of two, the first two modifiers you have listed will be automatically selected. These can still be changed by the customer during the ordering process.

  • Allow Quick Buy. When you enable Quick Buy, it gives customers the option to quickly add items to cart. This can be a popular use of promoting upsells of popular items, and you will have the ability to define which items are available as a Quick Buy option. When this is enabled, any items with required modifiers will have those modifiers automatically selected based on the order in which they’re listed in the modifier set. 

Customer Special Instructions

Special Instructions
  • Allow Special Instructions in Cart. When this option is enabled, customers can add special instructions on the shopping cart page, and these instructions will be printed with the order. Customers could use this section to request additional utensils or napkins, etc. 

  • Allow Special Instructions by Item. When this option is enabled, customers can add special instructions by the item. For example, they may request that the supreme pizza be made without mushrooms. These instructions will be captured and printed on the receipt as an item modifier. 

Order Number Settings

Order Numbers
  • Random 4-Digit Number. When you select this method, the kiosk will generate a random, non-sequential number to bea assigned as the order number.

  • Pick Number. When this option is selected, the pick number customer input will be the order number.

  • Last 4 digits of the phone number. When this option is selected, the last 4 digits of the customer phone number will be assigned as the order number.

  • Increase Numbers. When this option is selected, the order number will be automatically incremented by 1, starting at 1, over the course of the day. It will reset daily. Please note that if you select this option for both dine-in and to-go orders, these orders will be grouped together when assigning numbers.

Customer Information

Customer Information
  • Require Customer Name. When this option is enabled, the customer will be required to input a name for their order.
    Require Customer Phone Number. When this option is enabled, the customer will be required to input their phone number for the order. 

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