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Using Your Kiosk

Setting Up Your Loyalty Program

  1. Expand the Loyalty section on the left-hand Console menu and navigate to Rewards.

  2. Create your loyalty terminology. The default terminology used when setting it up for the first time is point/points, but you have the ability to create any terminology that you like, whether it’s stars, punches, or something wholly more specific to your brand, in the same way that Airlines use Miles. 

  3. Assign the value of each point. By default, the program is set up to reward 1 point for every $0.01 spent, but you can modify this relationship as you see fit. 

  4. Define limitations on the redemption of rewards. By default, it is set up so that customers can use only 1 reward per order, but you can change this number or allow unlimited rewards. 

  5. Create a time frame for expiration. There is no default designation here, so you can choose to have them never expire, or to expire 3/6/12 months after being earned. If you choose to assign an expiration, customers with an expiring balance will be sent a text message notification two weeks (14 days) before they expire, which can be a great way to drive repeat business, especially for customers who have not made a return visit.

  6. Create your rewards. No loyalty program is complete without complementary rewards, so be sure to make selections that will be appealing to your customers and encourage them to visit again and continue earning points. 

    • At the bottom of the Rewards page, you will find an empty section. In the top right of this module, click Create A Reward.

    • On the Create Reward Tier, assign a name and value for the Reward. The value reflects the number of points that must be earned in order to qualify for a reward. You will want to strike a balance between offering rewards which the customers perceive as valuable and are financially sustainable for your business. 

    • You can assign an image to the reward if you so choose.

    • Choose the reward type. You can either offer a free item (i.e. Free Cup of Coffee), or a fixed amount off. 

    • If you choose to offer a fixed amount off, you can choose to have the award apply to the entire order or only to specific items (i.e. $5 off a large pizza).

    • You can choose to make the reward repeatable, meaning if the customer has earned enough points, they can apply the reward multiple times on the same order. (i.e. they have earned enough points for 2 free coffees, and both rewards can be redeemed on the same order.)

    • Set an expiration date for the reward. This expiration is a specific date rather than a relative date, so if you want to define an expiration, ensure that the date is far enough out

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