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INFI's Neighborhood Eats: Pilsen & Gold Coast

Updated: Oct 17, 2021


Gold Coast: Cafecito

Cuisine: Cuban

Sandwiches and coffee. Two of life’s simple, consistent pleasures. Even better when they’re sweetened just a little bit, like Cuban style sandwiches and coffee.

A pressed Cuban sandwich is a thing of beauty, tasty enough to appease even the most “sophisticated” foodie, simple enough for any appetite, and filling enough to satisfy at any time of the day. Paired with a coffee for dessert, you can eat two for lunch and still avoid a food coma. And trust you probably will want to eat two.

Infi recommends: The Chivito sandwich, but not for vegans. This bad boy has steak, ham, fried egg, and mozzarella. When is that not a good choice?

Casa Íñdígó

Cuisine: Mexican fusion

Chef Mur Mansuria started this community kitchen off 18th Street in 2018 after sharpening his skills (and knives) in some of Chicago’s most famous kitchens such as Gibson’s and Girl and the Goat. While his Casa might be small now, the food rivals that of his previous stops.

Prided on using the freshest and cleanest ingredients, his mother-in-law even makes his tortillas. While most of his does follow a Mexico City flavor, his own personal flair is prominent throughout. 

With carne asada fries perfect for bigger groups, and fried chicken tortas served up for the most serious appetites, Chef Mer has something for the traditional and experimental palettes. Plus, BYOB!

Infi recommends: They are known for their wings, get to know why.

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