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INFI’s Neighborhood Eats: Wicker Park & Uptown

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Wicker Park: Dimo’s Pizza

Cuisine: Pizza

Location: 1615 N Damen Ave, Chicago

Any day is a good day for pizza. Any time is a good time for pizza. If I ever get married, pizza will be served at my wedding.

Rarely though do I order a whole pizza, to me pizza is most satisfying when on the go, or before or after a night of partying. In either case, simply a slice or two at a time is most satisfying.

A slice of pepperoni from Dimo's Pizza. via

Oddly enough however, despite being a city that prides itself on pizza, Chicago doesn’t have too many options for slices. There might be only one or two per neighborhood, which is not enough in my opinion.

Luckily Dimo’s pizza has two locations to get your slice fix in Chicago - Wrigleyville and Wicker Park. Because I find myself partying in Wicker more often, that is my preferred location. Still though, you will find slices of the traditional margherita, cheese, sausage, etc along with some exotic choices. If your tastebuds are curious, Dimo’s has your back with mac n’ cheese and chicken and waffles slices along with a seasonal rotation of funky choices that should grab your attention.

INFI recommends: I love a classic, usually going with cheese or Dimo florentine if I want to trick myself into thinking I’m being healthy. Their mac n’ cheese though, you can’t go wrong combining comfort foods.

Uptown: Klein’s Bakery & Café

Cuisine: Venezuelan Pastries

Location: 4155 N Broadway, Chicago

Uptown is one of Chicago’s most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods, with a growing Venezuelan community. In the heart of the Buena Park area lies one of the Northside’s best kept secret coffee shops.

Started a few years ago by two Venezuelan immigrants, they have brought their homeland’s delicious pastries with them to pair with quality Metropolitan coffee. If you’ve never had a slice trés leches cake with an america

no, then dare I say my dear friend, you have not lived.

Delicious pastries including marquesas and trés leches from Klein's in Uptown. Via

In addition to the trés leches, they have marquesas, and cachitos if you want something savory. They also have waffles, sandwiches, and more cafe type foods and desserts to accompany a coffee.

When patio season hits, they will have their sidewalk patio out so you can treat yourself, get caffeinated, and bust out the laptop all at once.

INFI recommends: It’s hard to not go with a slice of tres leches and a coffee. Something that sweet needs the bitterness of an americano or espresso, although as long as you have the cake, it really doesn’t matter what else you have.


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