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INFI’s Chicago Neighborhood Eats: Albany Park & Hermosa

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Filipino food from Subo Chicago

Albany Park: Subo

Cuisine: Filipino

Filipino food has had its moments, yet still flies a bit under the radar for most foodies. Many places lack the ability to balance authenticity with a taste that pleases the general palette, but Subo is an exception. A mother and son team, Rod runs the FOH operations as his mom is in the back adding her Ilocana favor to each dish.

They only have the classics, and no matter breakfast, lunch, or dinner you can transport your stomach to the Philippines.

*Lovers of flaky adobo beware, they bring it to you with the gravy. Which is the only right choice.

Infi recommends: Chicken Adobo is a classic, but their Inihaw na Manok (Filipino chicken BBQ) is also good for any occasion.

A burger from Rica Arepa, a Venezuelan restaurant in Hermosa.
Rica Arepa

Hermosa: Rica Arepa

Cuisine: Venezuelan

If you love sweet and savory, then you’ll love Venezuelan food. Plantains, rice, meats, cheese, and more are common in their dishes, and all are prepared to give a distinct flavor experience.

In our opinion, arepas will in time become the new taco or kebab, as they are essentially meat dressed in sauce inserted into a corn bun or masa. As there’s always room for dessert, feel free to take your pick. There are really no wrong ones, but dulce de leche just hits on another level.

When you’re feeling tropical, order a parchita passion fruit juice for their terrace.

Infi recommends: Bring a friend and split a cachapa. Arepa is in the name, so might as well get a pabellon. And FYI, there is no wrong choice for dessert!

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