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Why Every Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

The rapid growth of technology and the internet are influencing all industries, including the food and beverages industry. Mobile apps are one tech option that restaurant owners should take advantage of. Not only does a mobile app allow customers to make reservations and order takeout, but it enables them to update their dining preferences. Furthermore, if you can utilize the mobile app the right way, you can easily boost sales, improve customers’ experiences, and retain customer loyalty. Here are the top 5 benefits of mobile apps and how to set up one in 4 easy steps.

1. Enhance Customer Experiences

Did you know that 26% of Starbucks’ transactions come from their mobile app? Starbucks is one of the most successful examples for restaurant mobile apps. They have leveraged their mobile app to elevate and personalize the customer experience, and deepen customer engagement. You can also be like Starbucks and use the same strategies to grow your sales and enhance customer experience. Try to implement the pre-order and order takeaway options to your mobile app so that your customers don’t have to wait in store for a long time. Also, don’t forget to add a reward program to

2. Optimize Operations & Overhead

Not only does a mobile app improve revenues and customer relationships, but it will also significantly enhance the efficiency of staff. Eliminating chances of errors due to human negligence, a mobile app will automate order management, bookings and streamline deliveries that would leave the staff with more time to delight guests at the restaurant.

3. Launch In-App Loyalty Program

If you are looking to build customer loyalty for your new restaurant, a loyalty program is the best way to go. Instead of offering a loyalty punch card, why don’t you adopt an in-app loyalty program for your customers? In that case, customers won’t have to worry about losing their physical punch card, and can keep track of their order history.

According to Hospitality Technology, the adoption rate of traditional loyalty programs sits at about 12%. However, those rates went up to 18-28% when mobile payment was offered in addition to a loyalty program. When the option for mobile payment was combined with a loyalty program, adoption rates went up to 15-35%. A mobile loyalty program will not only encourage your customers to keep coming back, but also increase the sales of your restaurant.

4. Promote Deals and Promotions

What’s better than utilizing mobile apps to promote your weekly or limited deals to your customers? People nowadays don’t check their email that often, however, by relying on the push notifications and GPS settings, you can easily track where your customers are and send out relevant promotion information or limited vouchers to them. By doing so, you can easily attract your customers to your restaurants. Furthermore, you can personalize your deals and promotions for your customers. What you can do is to track your customers’ order history and their meal reviews. After gathering all this data, you can customize your deals based on their preferences.

For example, if your customer keeps ordering the same drinks every time they order through the app, you can easily send out a push notification to either remind them of their favorite drink or offer a limited discount if they place their order within that specific time. Doing so, your customers will keep coming back for their favorite drink and also increase the customer loyalty for your restaurant.

5. Sync Menus from Mobile Apps With Kiosk Menus

Most diners want to look at the menu before they walk into an establishment. A restaurant app connects them directly to the current menu. They can see the specials and any new items in real time. If your restaurant discontinues an item, you can remove it from the app quickly and easily.

Syncing your app's menu with your kiosk system creates an even smoother customer experience. Customers can self-serve, choose their item, pay, and pick up their meal or have it delivered. The app/kiosk functionality helps increase check size and reduces customers' wait time.

How To Build a Restaurant Mobile App in 4 Easy Steps

Now that you've decided to use a mobile app to help build customer engagement and increase your business, you need to decide on a restaurant app builder. INFI's mobile app development service gets you on the right path in four quick steps: communication, design, development, and launch.

1) Communicate With Our Team of Experts

Our specialists work with you through engaging, strategic conversations to pinpoint and understand your requirements. They take your goals for the app and use them to create a plan. From there, they lay out a step-by-step timeline for completion. You'll know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

2) Customize the Design of Your App

This is the fun part! In this stage, your app starts taking shape through highly collaborative brainstorming between you and the INFI team. Your vision for the app materializes, including the layout, colors, text, and other specific offerings. The design element will prominently include your restaurant brand.

3) Develop Your Restaurant Mobile App

Moving to app development is the next task on the list. Our specialists determine where to add tools and integrations based on previous conversations with you. We aim to place them where and how they provide the best functionality.

4) Launch App and Tech Support

Finally, it's launch time. Before your app launches, our specialists will proofread and test every facet of your app and proactively address any issues. But we won't leave you stranded once your app launches — our tech support is here to provide service when you need it. Your warranty starts the day your app goes live and is active for one year, with free software repairs and 24/7 tech support.

Once your app launches, you can execute marketing campaigns and watch the downloads roll in!

Build an Engaging Restaurant Mobile App With INFI

The restaurant industry is highly competitive and has seen significant changes in the last few years. One of the biggest changes is the increase in mobile app utilization. Restaurant owners must see the value of investing in a mobile app to create customer loyalty, engage their customers, provide easier ordering, make reservations, and decrease mistakes in order fulfillment. Embracing technology and developing an app will help you reap valuable rewards like more orders, greater revenue, and a competitive edge over the competition.

At INFI, our team consists of seasoned restaurant veterans. We leverage a unique blend of technology and marketing expertise to help busy restaurants reach their full potential and stay competitive. Check out our tools and services to help busy restaurant owners build more profitable, modern businesses.

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