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Hello Jasmine, the real Taiwan Street Food you want to try

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The very first Hello Jasmine store was opened years ago. It was just a tiny window in Richland Center Chinatown food court. No one can imagine that this small window soon had a large group of fans.

In a really short time, Hello Jasmine became “the boba tea” for most people visiting Chicago Chinatown. More and more foodies came to Chinatown and queued up in front of Hello Jasmine just for a cup of tasty boba tea. People couldn't be attracted to them for years just for some boba teas. The real Taiwan street food is another key to success.

Alice, one of the customers we met in Hello Jasmine said: “I only knew popcorn chicken before. After I went to Hello Jasmine for years, I have just noticed that popcorn chicken is just the tip of the iceberg. I am addicted to all the street food from Hello Jasmine.”

Hello Jasmine indeed brought most of Taiwan street foods to Chicago, and they are all authentic.

As Alice said, popcorn chicken can’t show you how delicious Taiwan street food is. You must try as much as you can if you visit. Since every dish will surprise you with its reason.

Most people will order the Grilled Chicken Steak. The special cooking way made the entire chicken steak full of meat juice. You can choose the spicy level of the sauce. The sauce is 100% house-made, so you can not find one outside of Hello Jasmine.

The perfect combination of traditional cooking and Hello Jasmine’s house special sauce created the tasty chicken steak, that you can’t miss.

We have tried all those chicken sandwiches in the past. Hello Jasmine’s Signature Chicken sandwich changed the way chicken sandwiches are. It combined “fast food” and Taiwan Street Food together. Feeling the tasty from Asian and western in just one bite. Hello Jasmine always has more to be discovered by foodies.

Hello Jasmine Lincoln Park is opened. Foodies live around Lincoln Park neighbored don't need to cross the entire city for foods from Hello Jasmine anymore. Both Hello Jasmine Clark St and Hello Jasmine Lincoln Park have InfiKIOSK installed in the store.

Now you do not need to worry about the long line in front of the store. Ordering on the InfiKIOSK will save you time.


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