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2.3 Setup Printer
  • Click the settings button in the App to enter the settings interface

  • Click PRINTERS button to configure printer

  • Click LOGOUT button to exit

  • Click the PRINTERS button on the setup interface to enter the list of printer station

  • Click the CREATE PRINTER STATION button, enter the printer station creation interface

  • At Name, enter the name of the printer station for easy differentiation

  • Click Printer enter the printer list interface to select the corresponding printer, the name of device HANDHOLD CONTROLLER is Handhold Printer, after selecting the printer, click the back button in the upper left corner to return to the setup interface of the printer station (Notice: currently device Handhold controller only supports connecting printers of some specific models)

  • LANGUAGE Provide different printing languages (Notice: some printers do not support Chinese)

  • PRINT FROM THIS STATION At this printer station, select the different categories that you want to print

  • Click SAVE when the configuration is complete

  • To reconfigure a print station. In the printer station list, click the print station you want to modify

  • Delete the printer station at the bottom

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