7 Tech Must Haves for Restaurants (In a COVID 19 World)

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

2020 was meant to be a year of change and innovation regardless of if a pandemic hit. Nonetheless however, a pandemic put a different emphasis on what developments would be most relevant to the industry.

With the year approaching its final quarter, we’ve monitored how COVID 19 has impacted the needs of restaurant owners, and put together a list for technology must-haves for entrepreneurs as we get ready for 2021.

Contactless payments

Social distancing is something that every restaurant takes into account. Everything from your restaurant’s layout, opening times, staffing, and how people pay are affected. Not to mention, maintaining a proper social distancing protocol is paramount in positive customer experience.

Diners now want to reduce their interactions and touchpoints with restaurant staff. And in a COVID 19 restaurant study done by Toast, 34% of diners said that contactless and mobile payments are extremely important to their dining experience.

Keep your staff safe and customers happy by looking for ways they can pay either from their table or without handing over cash or cards.

Self-order kiosks

Apart from changing the needs of the industry, the pandemic has had an undeniable economic effect, with many restaurants forced to reduce their staff to stay open.

Self-order kiosk point of sale systems is a great addition to any restaurant looking to compensate for staff reductions, or simply looking for increased efficiency.

Apart from replacing and supporting your staff kiosk POS systems can increase overall order amounts, enhance the customer experience, and help with social distancing as the interaction between staff and diners is reduced.

Mobile ordering and payments

With restaurants running at limited capacity, take-out and delivery are key to revenu