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Best Kiosk POS Systems for Coffee Shops

Updated: May 19, 2022

Even in a business as traditional and timeless as a coffee shop, there are innovations that come along and change how the business is managed. For businesses that involve delicacies or drinks, a kiosk system is one of the latest services to look for.

The 2019 success report by Toast shows how staff management is a top concern for today’s business owners. And nothing solves that issue better than a kiosk POS system.

Whether you are planning to open a new coffee shop or want to boost the productivity of your existing one, the kiosk services we listed below will assist you greatly.

What is a Kiosk System?

If this is the first time you are checking out for kiosk services, the concept might still be vague to you. Normally put, a kiosk is a system that involves a digital touchscreen in your store that allows the customers to place their orders, which are automatically sent to the production line.

While that is the primary appearance of it, a featureful kiosk can do a lot more. It can record sales statistics and user preferences for you to make proper decisions. Furthermore, the systems can also recommend trendy drinks to your guests and run loyalty customer programs.

Top Three Kiosks for Coffee Shops in 2022

Infi: Best for Upsell


  • You can find specific kiosks for your coffee shops.

  • There are multiple sizing options. For instance, if your store has lesser space, you can get the INFI T2.


  • Being a newer company, round-the-clock customer support isn’t as robust.

Infi is one of the leading companies to offer high-quality kiosks to its consumers. Known as InfiKiosks, the service will make it easier for your guests to order their favorite coffee. It is because of how the software adds combo packs of products. Thus, the time for the checkout and order was reduced.

Installable within ten minutes, this kiosk system will allow the customers to use most payment options, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or cards.

Clover: Good for Mobile Coffee Carts


  • Accommodating foot traffic, they offer kiosks that don’t take up much space.

  • Its services come with a lower fee compared to most other kiosk companies.


  • The app isn’t compatible with some hardware.

While Clover offers one of the best POS systems for business, their kiosk services are run by Applova. Applova is an application that directly links the ordering interface to the kitchen display and Clover POS. So, ordering, producing, and checkout all get benefits from the kiosk.

This excellent app increases the sizes of tickets. It also lets your staff do other tasks. Not to mention, the app runs so smoothly and fast.

Square: Best for Businesses with Lower Budgets


  • Allows you to use the device on multiple devices at once.

  • It only requires the processing fees and not any monthly payments.


  • Only stays available on specific hours.

Kiosks service from Square comes without any monthly fees required. The only thing you need to provide is the processing fee that it includes. The 2.6% processing fee and 0.10 for every transaction make it the most affordable one on this list.

Since you can use the app on almost all device types, you won’t need to perturb about the lack of space in your coffee shop.


Can Non-Food Related Businesses Use Kiosk?

Any business that involves producing things and selling them in a store can use a digital kiosk. Kiosks can also be used as digital menus or as digital advertising displays.

Should I Consider ADA Compliances When Setting up a Kiosk?

You should take ADA factors into account when installing a kiosk system in your store. It should have wheelchair accessibility and be easy to see, read, hear, or interact with.

Can Self-Ordering Kiosks Integrate with POS Systems?

Not only the ones we mentioned, but many popular kiosk services can link to a POS system.


A kiosk system is a highly useful service your business needs, which can also save labor costs. Most successful restaurants and coffee shops are utilizing the features of a kiosk currently. Signaling the coming of a new trend of people preferring to order on machines over interacting with human cashiers.

When setting up a kiosk, make sure that it lets you update the menu and offers various services to ease up your business. Kiosks that integrate with POS can also let you record sales details and notify you of the trendy drinks in your coffee shop.

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