Time Is Valuable - INFI Appears on the Miller IP Law Podcast

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Transcript of INFI CEO Lucas Liu's appearance on the Miller IP Law podcast:


As a startup, you focus more on your product and your bootstrapping strategy which is very important because you are launching a startup.

If you spend too much time on your presentation, your idea, how to validate this idea, you are just wasting your time I think. As a startup, your time is very valuable and you just focus on the small stuff.

Devin Miller

Hey everyone! This is Devin Miller here with another episode of the Inventive Journey, I am your host Devin Miller, the serial entrepreneur that has grown several startups into seven and eight-figure businesses as well as founder and CEO of Miller IP Law, where we focus on helping startups and small businesses with their patents and trademarks.

And if you ever need help with your patented trademark, feel free to go to strategymeeting.com and grab some time with us to chat.

Now Today, and I will give the apology ahead of time, we have Lucas Liu on and Lucas actually recorded an episode before this, somehow with the zoom and all that it got corrupted. So he is coming back on, and we are redoing the episode. I am sure it will even be better than the first time.

But, just as an introduction. So, Lucas and I have already had one great conversation, I am excited for a second one. To give you a bit more of an introduction to Lucas, so he was born and raised in China and came over to Ohio I think when he was a high school student.

And so in my connection to Ohio, this is a quick connection, so I went to Ohio or Cleveland Ohio for school and I did law school in MBA School out in Cleveland Ohio. So, at least we both have a common Ohio connection there.

But then after high school, he pursued his bachelor’s degree, and then grad school. There he had his kind of his first entrepreneurial business; he was part of a restaurant and then as he is graduating he kind of combined his software and hospitality background to launch his current business.

And I will talk a little bit more about what that is today and how he founded it and how that has gone and what or where the company is at.