VIDEO: Digital Marketing for Restaurants - Food Influencers 101

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


INFI: All right, thank you guys for joining us for our webinar here. Where we look at another joining of tech and the restaurant industry, today, we're looking at diving deeper into social media and looking at food influencers.

You know, I'm sure if you're a restaurant owner, you have been following some food Instagram accounts, checking out how they interact with the food, and probably wondering how do I spot a good influencer? What can they do for me?

So we've actually brought in someone who is a professional food influencer on Instagram. You can find them at @Bestfoodalex Alex Jewell; I'll let you introduce yourself, man, no better person.

Alex: Cool, yes. I'm @bestfoodalex; my civilian name is Alex. And anything that you have dreams about, that you get excited about to eat when you're breaking the rules, that's the kind of food I post about.

Understanding the Marketing Side of Influencing

Alex: But I understand the importance of marketing, of actually having a return on what we post about that you know it's one thing to kind of share what you're enjoying, what you're eating on your own.

But how do you make that valuable to an audience? And so then, in turn, how do you also make that valuable to the restaurant on the other side.

And so that's sort of where I sit in the middle, being able to market food, especially food in Chicago; where I live. How do you market that to the Chicago audience or the tourist audience too?

Like when people come to Chicago to visit, what's on their list that they've developed from the content that I've posted. So understanding human behavior, what they engage with and where they want to go.