Best Kiosk Systems for Bakeries

With the help of technology, foodservice businesses are booming higher than ever. Especially new bakery owners, who are facing issues regarding a shortage of staff, can make use of the kiosk system. It does not only boost your sales 20% on average and speed up the checkout, but it can also let you engage with customers better.

One cannot deny that a kiosk system can help a foodservice business. Its AI system can reduce the burden of staff management and create an integrated accounting system amongst several other features. To improve your bakery operation, consider these kiosk systems we recommended here.

What is a Kiosk POS System?

The primary and major goal of a kiosk system is to quicken the checkout of any shop. The combination of a kiosk and POS system allows it to utilize its AI. The AI helps the software to learn from the customer's activities and choices.

With that, the kiosk system can recommend trendy items of your bakery to newer customers and provide customer loyalty programs to the older ones. These processes happen mostly digitally through a website.

A pair of kiosk point-of-sale devices from INFI

3 Best Kiosk Systems for Bakery Sector in 2021

INFI: Provides Overall Flexibility


  • InfiKiosk accepts an array of payment options, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Cards, Tap-to-pay, etc.

  • It offers combo-packs of foods to the customers.

  • Compatible with Square, allowing you to integrate your operation’s already existing Square-based POS system.


  • It is a rather new brand compared to others on this list.

The kiosk offered by INFI is known as the InfiKIOSK. This system allows the customer to choose their items in your bakery digitally without going through a physical menu. InfiKiosk self-orders the products and provides an easily understandable interface.

InfiKIOSK’s AI and analytics allow you to analyze menu items and upsell your customers in real-time, often resulting in larger tickets sizes by up to 30%.

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