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Top 4 POS Systems for Restaurants

Updated: May 19, 2022

In 2021, most successful restaurants are utilizing the service of a point-of-sale system for transactions. According to Toast’s 2019 success report for restaurants, staff management seems to be one of the top challenges such vendors have to face. A POS system can ease such complications.

Want your restaurant to be set up in the path of success? You can try out any of the POS software we mentioned here! But before that, let’s quickly understand the basics of a POS system:

A Brief Understanding of POS Systems

Point of sale systems allows you to accept payment digitally while keeping track of the specific transaction. The system calculates the price of the product being purchased as well as taxes and charge the customer accordingly. Such systems can be used online through store websites as well as physically by scanning the bar codes.

4 Best POS Systems for 2021

Infi: Best Overall


  • Optimally suited for franchise and QSR formats

  • Easy to set up and operate

  • Ability to upsell customers in real-time


  • Not as old as other traditional POS companies.

INFI is the POS system of the future with its unique product called the InfiKIOSK. InfiKISOK is a self-ordering digital kiosk POS system that can be installed and set up in ten minutes! INFI’s model is best suited for franchise and QSR formats as it allows for more brand consistency and multi-location synchronization.

Unlike many other POS systems where you can only use cards, InfiKISOK lets your customers pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and tap-to-pay options along with cards.

TouchBistro: Lots of Features


  • Can be easily used even on an iPad

  • Responsive and very supportive support 24/7

  • Proper management of inventory and sales


  • Charges extra fees for online orders

  • The site lacks information about processing fees

TouchBistro appeared in 2010 and changed the game when it comes to POS software. For restaurants, TouchBistro offers a number of plans and products but the standard one costs $69 a month.

The standard plan includes the basic features of POS systems like payment processing, organizing tables and menu as well as quality inventory management on a customizable screen.

Clover: Recommended for Food Trucks


  • Cheaper than most POS subscriptions

  • Hand-held system; better for food trucks with low space

  • A built-in processing system for credit cards


  • Does not work with all kinds of hardware

Just like TouchBistro, Clover has been in the business since 2010 and it is known for being popular for food trucks. The Clover Flex system includes the hardware you can use clover in and it can be used for accepting cards and keeping track of sales.

You can either pick Register Lite for $9.95/month or the Register option for $39.95/month. Lite charges 2.7% of the processing along with $0.10 per regular in-person transaction. On the other hand, the regular register plan charges 2.7% with the rest being the same. For keyed-in transactions, both plans charge 3.5%.

Square: Cost-Effective


  • Includes payment processing

  • Only need to pay while processing payments


  • 24/7 customer support is not available with the free plan

  • Not as good as paid options for analytics

Want to get a POS system that is free to use without any monthly fees? Square is the best option in this field as it only charges for payment processing. The best part about Square is that it can be used on an unlimited number of devices.

You can use Square on your iPhone or iPad utilizing a magstripe reader. The feels for processing is 2.6% with 0.10 per transaction. Even though the customer service cannot be accessed 24/7 with the free service, you can still get hold of it during specific hours.


What is the most widely used restaurant POS system?

According to Forbes, Toast is the most popular and widely used POS system.

What POS software does McDonald's use?

McDonald’s uses the MediaWorks NEO NP6 software for the point-of-sale system.

What does EPOS stand for?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale.


There are several excellent POS systems available other than the three we mentioned. You can also go for options like Revel, Upserve, Lightspeed, etc. Toast is the most popular if you are willing to get into their loyalty system. However, for new restaurants with a lower budget, we highly recommend TouchBistro and Square.

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