7 Key Takeaways From INFINET’s Webinar With a Former Panera VP

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Keys for Restaurant Digital Transformation

  1. Get regulars to adopt first

  2. See what is intuitive

  3. Can you keep your promises?

  4. Remind customer 2-3 minutes before order arrives

  5. Go lean, identify waste

  6. What works for your menu?

  7. FOH & BOH connectivity

Last week, INFINET had the pleasure of collaborating with Grey Media to participate on a panel of QSR experts to talk about how restaurateurs can still increase their business without dine-in service operating at full capacity. INFINET’s CEO Lucas Liu joined Melody Roberts, a former VP at Panera and Head of Customer Experience at McDonald’s to talk about how take away, mobile ordering, and online ordering can drive business.

Many gems of knowledge were dropped in the session, however, we zeroed in on the most important highlights to consider when optimizing a restaurant for business in the COVID 19 era.

Get your regulars to adopt first, and they will teach the others

When adding new wrinkles to the customer experience, whether it’s new technology, ordering systems, or seating; there will be an adjustment period. While you can’t educate everyone, a restaurant owner must be sure to connect with their regular customers regarding new changes, with the aim of getting them to adopt.

From there, your regulars will then teach other customers how to navigate the changes, becoming advocates for your restaurant. This tactic is much more efficient and authentic, building even more enthusiasm for your restaurant, and the changes you have added.

Use your network to see what about your systems are intuitive

Whenever we create something, we the creators understand exactly how to use whatever it is we have created, for example a self-order kiosk. Even so, someone completely new to a kiosk for example, might not find it as intuitive right off the bat.

Therefore it is crucial that a new system is piloted by new users in order to understand what they don’t find intuitive. Find someone in your network, have them use your new system, and have them voice what they do not find intu