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Free Tools To Help People Find Your Restaurant Online

You have a real, live restaurant. It actually exists as you’ve bought ingredients, hired staff, and built out your store front. But do people know it exists?

Date & Time: Friday, June 12 @ 3 pm.

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After this webinar, you will be able to take the first steps towards increasing brand awareness and web presence. Having more awareness around your restaurant along with a greater web presence means more people can find you, and in the end more revenue.


Learn how to use the following to reach more customers:

  • Google

  • Online media

  • Social media

  • Resources in your community

  • Your website

  • Free online tools


Best of all, everything you learn can be done at little to no cost to start. By tuning into this webinar you can save money and time while making future growth easier.

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Lucas Liu

CEO & Co-Founder, INFINET

A former restaurant owner in Chicago, a Ph.D in Computer Engineering and a Co-Founder and CEO at a technology startup INFINET. Pouring his enthusiasm in applied science and hospitality to help other restaurant entrepreneurs modernize their technology stack and boost guest experience.


Jake Schario

Community Ambassador, AeroPay

A veteran relationship builder, Jake has experience working in sales/marketing roles in four countries. Throughout his career he has built content aimed at educating customers, branding, and building a company's web presence. He also specializes in SEO, helping small businesses boost their web traffic and find new customers.