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Alex Jewell of @bestfoodalex Gives Us His Expert Recommendations

Updated: Oct 17, 2021


Alex Jewell

Instagram: @bestfoodalex

Chicago is a foodie’s ultimate dream. Although with so many options, it can be tough to decide where to go. That’s why INFI is reaching out to some of the city’s foodie experts for what restaurants pass their taste test.

Favorite boba tea spots: Tsaocaa, Elitea, Bingo Tea

Fried chicken recommendations: Depends on style. My favorite Nashville hot is Fry the Coop. Another favorite spot is Do Rite. CJ’s Chicken is amazing. I love Chicken Pollo Shack. Roister is great for elevated chicken. Haisous has my favorite Vietnamese fried chicken. BBQ Chicken inside of Tsaocaa has the best Korean style chicken. And Big Boss is also one of my favorites.

Where do you go for noodles: Oh man! Another rich one. Slurp Slurp in Chinatown is excellent. I love the noodles with pork and pickled tuber from Szechwan JMC. Four Season Noodles in the Richland food court in Chinatown is good. Lao Peng You is good outside of Chinatown. Vietnamese pho: Pho 777 off of Argyle or pho from Phodega. Thai: curry noodles from Ghin Khao Eat Rice or from Immm Rice & Beyond. Japanese udon: Cocoro.

What’s the most exotic food you have had?: This is a tough one, I don’t know if I think in terms of exotic. I’ve had central Asian/Russian food from EuroAsia and Jibek Jolu. I like African food from Yassa. I get calf brain toast from Cafe Marie Jeanne. I’ve had kangaroo skewers from Union Sushi.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?: Oreos. I’ll tear through packages. Spam - I love the stuff. Taco Bell. McDonald’s.

Now, just tell us your go-to favorites: Do I just pick any favorite? My favorite burgers are from The Loyalist, Little Bad Wolf, Mott St, in that order.

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