How to Successfully Open Your

Second Restaurant

Date & Time: September 28 @ 3 pm (cst)

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Congrats! Your restaurant is a smashing success, so much so that you’re thinking about opening a second location. And how hard could it be? You already have a recognizable name, you built a reliable clientele, and your food kicks ass.


However, we as entrepreneurs know success is never guaranteed. Opening a second restaurant means double the work and double the headaches. Lucky for you, Infinet is a team of current and former restaurant owners, and our CRO Jason Lee has opened second and third locations for his restaurants in the past.


Before you sign your lease and begin hiring your staff, be sure to tune in and hear what Jason has to say about what to watch for when opening your second restaurant. Afterward, feel free to go full steam ahead, but better prepared for the challenges that await.

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Lucas Liu

CEO & Co-Founder, INFINET

A former restaurant owner in Chicago, a Ph.D in Computer Engineering and a Co-Founder and CEO at a technology startup INFINET. Pouring his enthusiasm in applied science and hospitality to help other restaurant entrepreneurs modernize their technology stack and boost guest experience.


Jake Schario

Community Ambassador, AeroPay

A veteran relationship builder, Jake has experience working in sales/marketing roles in four countries. Throughout his career he has built content aimed at educating customers, branding, and building a company's web presence. He also specializes in SEO, helping small businesses boost their web traffic and find new customers.